Succulent flowers 1

A friend said this looked like a scorpion’s tail.

The apartment I moved into a year ago came with an assortment of succulents in the balcony’s garden beds. I have never liked succulents. After a year of living with them, I still don’t like them — weird shapes, weird textures — but I have come to grudgingly admire their “take no prisoners” approach to self-propagation. These things just won’t be contained.

Two of my inherited plants flowered over the recent winter. One, conveniently, had a plastic plant label so I know what to call it here, but next week’s plant is merely “unknown”. Today we have Echeveria – Blade Runner.

Hmm, maybe the things on the end will turn into flowers?

The flowers look a lot better when seen from the front. I had to lean over the garden bed and hold the camera so it faced me, with the viewscreen swivelled so I could see what I was framing. They look huge in these shots, but were really about the size of a small grape. (Don’t you love my checked flannel shirt?)

The flowers were extremely appealing to the bird below. It’s a Noisy Miner (they’re called “noisy” for a reason!), and would visit numerous times each day. (It also liked the “unknown” succulent’s flowers that you’ll see next week.) Unfortunately, it never stayed very long and this was the only shot I was able to take.

Not a very flattering angle, for bird or flowers!

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