Fountains: Sydney Whatever – the El Alamein fountain


November’s theme for Poli’s Fountain Challenge is “typical of your region” — and, getting ahead of the chronology, next month’s theme is “whatever”. I cannot think of anything that typifies the fountains of Sydney / New South Wales / Australia, but at this point I still have 7 cool fountains from Sydney to share. So, I am cheekily combining November and December into my own theme of Sydney Whatever. Sorry, Poli!

Let’s kick things off with a doozie. This is the El Alamein fountain, found in the King’s Cross area of Sydney. Here we are peering deep into the middle. This white water frenzy is quite a contrast to the individual droplets around the two spouts in the feature photo at top.

Here, three wider shots — and one pigeon.

And some history. I find it amazing that at one point this small square was the focal point of Sydney’s New Year’s Eve revels. All I can say is that the vast majority of Sydneysiders must have stayed at home.