Intricate: Woven

Basket Vanuatu

Baskets woven from dried grass, on sale for tourists.

I’m slowly working through the backlog of photos I took in Vanuatu last November. Processing these images of woven baskets and ropework today, I thought they fit in well with Weekly Photo Challenge theme of intricate.

Basket Vanuatu

These woven baskets are a common sight, used by locals to carry a variety of goods. This photo was taken at the main market in Port Vila.

Rope and timber roof Vanuatu

Looking up at the bedroom ceiling in my resort (Eratap Beach Resort). I love how the craftsmen took the time to weave intricate patterns with the rope.


Wishing I was back in Vanuatu

Eratap Beach Resort, Etafe,cabana

Eratap Beach Resort, on the island of Etafe. Each villa has its own thatched beach cabana.

After three days of torrential rain and gale force winds, of broken umbrellas and wet feet, of disrupted transport, fallen trees and floods, of a storm billed variously as “Sydney’s storm of the decade” or even (eek!) “Sydney’s storm of the century”, my thoughts turn longingly to the sunny tropical paradise of Vanuatu. Memories of my holiday there led, of course, to recollections of the devastation wrought on that island nation by the recent tropical storm, which put Sydney’s storm into perspective. But my mind turns to pleasanter times.

Outrigger canoe, Lelepa Island.

Outrigger canoe, Lelepa Island. The snorkelling here was astounding: calm clear water, healthy and vibrant coral, a myriad of colourful fish, all accessible from the beach.

Sunset, Eratap, Vanuatu

Sunset from my own stretch of beach.

Playing with Fire

Vanuatu Fire Show

I saw an incredible fire show while on holiday in Vanuatu last week. This group of young people mesmerised us all with their dexterity and bravado. They performed just a few feet from the restaurant tables at my resort (Eratap Beach Resort).

“Set Fire to the Rain” by Adele was the music for one of the pieces in the show (the photo above where the woman is twirling an umbrella of fire).

(note: Here we are, 4.5 years later, and I’m linking this post to A Photo a Week Challenge: Fire. The post may be old but it fits the theme so well.)