The Mystery of The Yellow Bits

Walking down Fremantle High Street in Western Australia, you see these odd bits and strips of yellow on the buildings.

Aha, clearly there is some pattern taking shape here.

Look back at the street from the steps of the Round House, and it all springs into shape. Isn’t this amazing?

From a news story dated 25 Oct 2017: Arcs d’Éllipses is the work of Paris-based Swiss artist Felice Varini, who has produced geometric optical illusions around the world.
This latest work on High Street has been created for High Tide, the inaugural Fremantle art biennale.
“The colour is in fact very thin aluminium sheets, which are self-adhesive,” Varini said. “Because the artwork is of a temporary nature, the work has to be removeable and this is the material we have developed over time that best fits.”
Arcs d’Éllipses will remain in place until December 30.

* * *

That was two years ago and the ellipses are still there, though looking slightly tattered. If you’re interested in how they created the ellipses, click the article link above.