Fish out of water

This stone fish was already living on my balcony when I moved into this apartment. I like to imagine that when I’m not around, he has a good old chat with my pottery sun from Mexico. They probably both wish I’d turn them around so they could see something new!

This is my last post of 2019 — and tomorrow begins a new month of Squares with Becky, with the theme of ‘light’. (Teaser: those fairy lights wrapped around the tree will appear in a post.)

Happy 2020 to all! May the year bring only good things.


Random Fridays: Fish

Schools of fish 'swim' among crystal curtains.

Schools of fish ‘swim’ among crystal curtains.

A hotel in Brisbane has given guests in rooms with windows that face a dark inner courtyard something to look at besides the windows of the rooms opposite. It was quite hypnotic to watch the slight, languorous movement of the fish in unseen drafts, and the wink of colour from the crystals.