Champagne Day redux

Taittinger champagne

I don’t make a habit of posting twice in the same day, let alone two posts on the same topic, but that garish ‘Bordello Bubbly‘ post has been making me cringe all day. I couldn’t let that stand as my ode to Global Champagne Day! So here is something rather more tasteful.

With apologies to Taittinger, I must confess that this is a glass of Mumm champagne. All I can say in my defence is that Mumm is on sale in Sydney this week! The very elegant glass itself was, uh, liberated from the Dorchester in London. The backdrop is genuine Taittinger: it’s the bag they put my ice bucket in when I bought it in Reims.


Happy Champagne Day!

Be sure to raise a glass on 24 October to this most delectable of tipples.


Happy Champagne Day!

 (I’m not sure about the crazy colours in these photos, but there’s no time to take new shots and still post on Champagne Day itself.)

Champagne Day Update

The members of the Champagne Club where I work marked the day in style.

champagne day

That is not my photo, it’s from a colleague’s iPhone. Here is what the ‘In Session’ card says (I did make the logo and sign):

in session