Random Fridays: Hot Chocolate Trio

I’ve had a number of “tasting flights” over the years — wine, beer, whiskey, port — but never one featuring hot chocolate. From left to right: chili (too fiery for my taste), standard (good), gingerbread (excellent). From The Gingerbread House in Katoomba, Blue Mountains (west of Sydney). I’d just spent 1.5 hours walking in the ceaseless rain and 15 degrees C, and these hot chocolates were wonderfully warming — as was the heater I sat beside. 😉


cup of hot chocolate

Decadence in a cup

Even in summer, it’s hard to resist the rich, silken warmth of a cup of hot chocolate.

A thick, rich, chocolately cup of sweetness.

(When I published this post, WP informed me that it was my 100th post on this blog. If I had realised, I would have done something more momentous!)