Admiring the view

I had to chuckle at these people peering into the rain and the fog, trying in vain to see the Three Sisters at Echo Point in Katoomba, the Blue Mountains.

Charles Darwin said this about the views in the Blue Mountains, in 1836. Presumably, he had better weather.

The Three Sisters — this is what you’d see from this lookout in clear weather.


Random Fridays: Hot Chocolate Trio

I’ve had a number of “tasting flights” over the years — wine, beer, whiskey, port — but never one featuring hot chocolate. From left to right: chili (too fiery for my taste), standard (good), gingerbread (excellent). From The Gingerbread House in Katoomba, Blue Mountains (west of Sydney). I’d just spent 1.5 hours walking in the ceaseless rain and 15 degrees C, and these hot chocolates were wonderfully warming — as was the heater I sat beside. 😉