Come closer

corridor arches black white dark mystery Cortile Intercontinental
You hear the echo of footsteps behind you — or do they come from in front of you? Who lies in wait in the shadows at the end of this room? A lover, an enemy, a friend, or perhaps no one? Could it all be in your imagination? It is a mystery, which you can solve only if you dare to come closer.

I hope you will forgive my foray into fantasy for the caption of this photo. Its shadowy recesses seem to me to be full of menace and threat.

If you have noticed the graininess of this image, and wondered about it — well, blame Max Dupain. He was one of Australia’s foremost photographers, and the treatment of my photograph was inspired by this photograph in an exhibition I saw on Sunday.

(BTW, if you are curious about where I shot this, it is the second floor of The Cortile in the Intercontinental Hotel, Sydney.)