Monday morning ‘at work’

9:20am, Monday. Hard at work. 😉

Nadia from ‘A Photo a Week Challenge’ is asking us “to share a photo or two of a change you’ve experienced during the covid19 crisis”. I’ve actually been extraordinarily fortunate: no job loss or salary reduction, and the work I used to do in the office I now do at home. I’m not especially sociable at the best of times, so the absence of other people is no hardship at all.

I took this photo at 9.20am today — ordinarily, I’d be in the office by then, not exactly ecstatic at the prospect of another week of work surrounded by noisy (sometimes irritating) colleagues, just starting on my cup of coffee. But on sunny mornings while working at home, I cheekily postpone the start of the work day and enjoy my coffee outside. 🙂


Misty winter mornings in Sydney

foggy morning Sydney

The rust-eaten rail of my balcony is silhouetted against the misty shapes beyond.

Being so close to the ocean, my neighbourhood often experiences misty mornings in the winter. Smothered in fog, the trees and houses become ghostly shapes. But the fog and mist are ephemeral, soon chased away by the rising sun.

Sunday morning

red watering can early morning jacaranda
Drinking coffee on my balcony early this morning, I spotted this watering can sitting among fallen jacaranda flowers in a neighbour’s backyard. Lit by the sun, it glowed a warm red among the cool greens of the plants.

Update, 11 hours later.

Here is the same forlorn watering can, seen in what has become the habitual late-afternoon weather pattern in Sydney recently: a thunderstorm.

thunderstorm watering can jacaranda rain