Not happy with heights?

Lord Nelson

Looking up, Lord Nelson

Very few people react with glee to the idea of climbing up the mast on a tall ship. I certainly never did! Looking at these photos, it seems like a mad thing to do.


Tenacious: look at all those narrow, wobbly ladders to climb …

In the photo below, you don’t get a sense of the height but you do get a sense of the scale.

Tenacious, with a person for scale

Not happy with heights? Nah! These crew members going aloft on Tenacious have already had four weeks to get used to it, sailing from Bermuda to Southampton.

Going aloft to harbour stow the sails! (tip: don’t look down)

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Random Fridays: Vin de Provence

Delicately pink wine in an elegant bottle.

Delicately pink wine in an elegant bottle.

I bought this wine because I like rosé from Provence and the price of this one was reduced 33%. I took the photo because I thought I could use it in the Colour Your World photo challenge, but alas it didn’t match any of the remaining colours! It does fit well with the “One Word Photo Challenge: Bottle“, however.