Whisky tasting

Q: What could be better than one tasting flight? A: Two tasting flights!

On a recent visit to Hobart (day stop on a cruise on Queen Elizabeth) my friend and I popped into the Lark Distillery ‘cellar door’ and had a very enjoyable whisky tasting.

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Random Fridays: The Wake

I got this photo by holding my camera over the stern of Queen Elizabeth and using the swivelling viewfinder screen to compose. I find it fascinating how for just a moment, the water is formed into discrete jets before they merge to become the roiling mass we recognise as a ship’s wake.



Cruise Line

Queen Mary 2 passing the Sydney Harbour Bridge

Strictly speaking, the Cunard ships are ocean liners rather than cruise liners. But let’s not quibble! Here they are all seen in Sydney and all at night.

Queen Victoria (with strange purple lighting) at the Overseas Passenger Terminal, Sydney

Queen Elizabeth passing the Sydney Opera House

The part that was lost in the square crop reads “The Most Famous Ocean Liners in the World”

I’ve read that a fourth ship will join the Cunard fleet in 2022. I’m curious to see how they update this poster, which is itself a modern version of a classic Cunard poster c1914 that featured Mauretania, Berengaria and Aquitania. And which queen’s name will the new ship bear?

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