Random Fridays: Garden Urn

urn with yellow flowers

It’s another gloomy rainy day in Sydney, so I need a reminder of summer. This was taken in Stratford (Canada) in July.
(And there is not so much as a hint of pink anywhere in this photo!)



Random Fridays: Two cats in Fiji

What caught my eye about these two cats was how well cared for they looked, which is not exactly common in Fiji where cats are generally scrawny and rough looking. Then I spotted how alert the one cat is, in contrast to the black one that is fast asleep!


Random Fridays: Could I ever have belonged to the heavens?

Icarus Container, Yukinori Yanagi

Icarus Container by Yukinori Yanagi

This photo shows part of an art work at this year’s Biennale on Cockatoo Island. Viewers walked through darkened shipping containers with mirrors on which were etched extracts of Icarus from Sun and Steel by Yukio Mishima. (While Mishima’s version is not that of the ancient myth, in which Icarus flew so close to the sun that the wax holding his feathered wings together melted and he fell to earth, it nonetheless evokes that story.)

The viewer’s perception changed as they walked through the containers, turning corners and looking back; the experience was very affecting.