Digging up the beach

boy in red shirt digging bondi beach

A whole lot of diggin’ going on.

Posted as part of One Word Sunday: Red and A Photo a Week Challenge: Depth of Field

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Random Fridays: The red dress


This photo was also taken in Fitzroy Gardens, Melbourne, about 30 minutes after the mother duck and ducklings photo. The father (you can just see him on the right, holding a toddler in a matching red dress) was taking photos of his wife and daughters. Even as far away from them as I was, my eye was caught by the way the girl’s red dress captured the light of the setting sun, and by the glowing transparency of the mother’s floating green garment.


Bench Series: Miscellaneous (1)

Red lips mosaic bench with bag, Southbank, Melbourne

Red lips mosaic bench with bag, Southbank, Melbourne

December, the last month of Jude’s Bench Series challenge, is given over to all those benches that for whatever reason were not included in the other 11 months. I had seen a photo of this bench on another blogger’s site (and I’m ashamed to admit I don’t remember who it was, although she kindly told me where to find the bench), so when I had to go to Melbourne on business a couple of weeks ago, it was on my list of things to find.