Cool and composed

For Jude’s Composition and Framing challenge (Simplify) I have two photos of flowers. They are zoomed in on the flowers themselves, which I wanted to be the object of attention, and composed using the rule of thirds. I have the rule of thirds gird always showing on my camera, which helps with compositions (and level horizons).
And of course, if your composition is slightly off (or even very off!) some cropping in Photoshop with the grids showing will guarantee perfect thirds. 😏

The fuschia is from the archives. The focus flower follows the vertical thirds line.


Fuschia showing rule of thirds grid

And a photo of jasmine, taken this morning. The shrub acts as a privacy screen between my balcony and an adjoining one. The focus flowers in the photo cluster at the intersection of two thirds lines.


Jasmine showing rule of thirds grid

Posted as part of Jude’s 2020 Photo Challenge.

Frangipanis – two out of three ain’t bad

Frangipani flowers (plumeria)

Frangipani flowers (plumeria)

A heavy rainfall this morning knocked a number of frangipani (plumeria — or kalachuchi as I recently learned they are called in the Philippines) flowers to the ground. I picked up these two on the way home from shopping. I can share with you their delicate pink shade and graceful shapes but not, alas, their intoxicating scent; ah well, two out of three ain’t bad!

I often use the rule of thirds when composing or cropping an image. In this case, I photographed these two flowers so that their centres fell on intersecting lines of the rule of thirds, using the grid on my camera. No cropping needed.

screengrab showing 'rule of thirds' grid in Photoshop

screengrab showing ‘rule of thirds’ grid in Photoshop