Fountains: Sydney Whatever – Sensory Fountain

Sensory Fountain  Royal Botanic Gardens Sydney

When wet, this spherical fountain is as reflective as glass.

I’ve always loved this spherical fountain in Sydney’s Royal Botanic Gardens, but had no idea it was known as the Sensory Fountain until I looked it up online for this post.

Sensory Fountain  Royal Botanic Gardens Sydney

The whole fountain, sheeted with water and as reflective as a mirror ball. I’m the small spec in the middle, between two white shrubs.

“A spherical fountain designed to be touched, seen and heard — water begins to flow as you approach. Designed for the Herb Garden in 1994 by Victorian artist Tim Jones and made by Dave Mune at the Art Foundry in Victoria. The fountain is surrounded by a bronze ring of herbs drawn by Gardens’ illustrator Marion Westmacott. Donated by the Australian Bank Ltd to commemorate their 10th anniversary and the 175th anniversary of the Royal Botanic Gardens.” source

Sensory Fountain  Royal Botanic Gardens Sydney

The water has just begun to burble from the top and is flowing along the sphere.

November’s fountain challenge theme is Typical for your Region, but I’ve morphed it into a joint effort with December’s theme of Whatever and am going with Sydney Whatever for two months.