Bard on the Beach

Why sit in a stuffy theatre to watch a Shakespeare play on stage when you can sprawl on a picnic blanket with wine and nibbles, watching the play unfold around you while the waves wash against the beach? These photos are from a production of The Merry Wives of Windsor at Balmoral Beach in Sydney.
The audience starts to set up blankets in the early evening.

You can't do Bard on the Beach without a beach! This is part of Balmoral Beach.

You can’t do Bard on the Beach without a beach! This is a partial view of Balmoral Beach.

It’s a small theatre company, so the actors also sell programs and other merchandise, and collect donations at the end.

Ah, but the play’s the thing! (I know, that’s from Hamlet, not The Merry Wives of Windsor, but it fits.)

On stage

On stage

What’s a play without an audience?

Even the moon got in on the act.

Moon at dusk

Moon at night

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