The view from the window: Sydney Opera House from Queen Mary 2

Sydney Opera House from the Commodore's Club, Queen Mary 2

Sydney Opera House from the Commodore’s Club, Queen Mary 2

My QM2 cruise didn’t leave Sydney until midnight, giving me the chance to take this photo of the opera house from a window-side table in the Commodore’s Club. The reflections of the club’s ceiling lighting add an interesting touch.

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The view from the window: A hotel in Rome

The balcony beckons ...

The balcony beckons …

I know what you’re thinking. This series is called “The view from the window”, so why did I caption this photo “The balcony beckons”? Well, outside the window was a lovely wide planted terrace, and it was no more than the work of a moment to lift a chair out that window and climb out after it myself, there to sit in comfort with a glass of wine and admire the view.

The view from the window


The view from the window: Cairns

Sun, reflections, mist, mountains -- what more do you need?

Sun, reflections, mist, hills — what more do you need?

This was taken early morning in April in Cairns a couple of years ago. I love the drama of this shot: the mist hanging in the hollows among the hills of the Great Dividing Range, the sun backlighting the clouds, and the reflections in those shiny metal louvres.