Crescent Moon and Venus over Sydney

5:31 pm, 6 June; photo from my kitchen

We had another stunning winter sunset in Sydney today, the near-cloudless sky darkening from clearest blue to a band of glowing orange along the western horizon, below a darkening blue above. Today had the added bonus of not only the planet Venus, but also a crescent moon.

5:52 pm, 6 June; photo from my lounge room

And if you’re wondering — those small black smudges in the photos are not marks on my lens, or flies. They’re flying foxes (out of focus!) which at sunset stream east in their thousands. I often wonder where they’re going, because east very soon becomes vast ocean!


Crescent moon, Saturn and Venus

Venus, Saturn, crescent moon, Antares

The bright point at top left is the planet Venus; the larger, diffuse bright light above the trees is the crescent moon (scroll down for a much better shot); and between them is the planet Saturn. The star Antares in the constellation Scorpius is the reddish dot (like the point of a triangle) to the left of Saturn. To the right of Saturn is the star Sabik, in the constellation Ophiuchus.

There are times when I definitely want a better camera/lenses, and this was one of them! Tonight in Sydney the evening sky was clear and crisp, and there was no wind: perfect photography conditions. Sadly, my single lens bridge camera struggles to capture these sorts of shots as well as might be wished (a lot of noise, and less than ideal focus), but nonetheless I think you can appreciate how beautiful the night sky was.


The same as above, but a few minutes later. The sky is losing its end-of-day dark blue hue.

Crescent moon, with a couple of minor stars in the constellation Ophiuchus.

Crescent moon, with a couple of minor stars in the constellation Ophiuchus.