The light through the window

Two photos of the Orangery, Kew Gardens, London. (The statue was no longer there in 2018; it had been against the end wall.)

This selection of photos features light streaming through a window into a room. Although these photos have very different subjects, they are all lit by windows — dramatically, softly, harshly, boldly. In some, you can see the shadows of the window frames or of the glass itself.

Two from Fiji below. On the left, the window is not visible but its bright light is falling on the boy. On the right, the diffuse light from the window highlights the flat surfaces of the wooden pews.

Two from Kerala, India. Men were making lime by burning sea shells.

This one shows the splashes of colour from light falling through a stained glass window.

New College, Oxford.

Many lines in this photo — the corrugated ceiling, the wooden floor, the supporting beams, and the multi-paned window that casts its slanting shadows.

Interior of disused industrial building, Cockatoo Island, Sydney.

The bright light brings out the colours of this woven bag and throws shadows from the edges of the glass louvres.

Bag hanging on wall, and shadows of glass louvres, Vanuatu.

No true windows in the photo below, more like openings in the stone walls. An interesting lighting effect, though!

Vomitorium of the Roman Theatre in Cadiz.

Posted for Jude’s 2020 Challenge (Light: Experiment in different weather conditions such as mist or rain, OR take a photograph indoors such as a still life or light entering a room streaming through a window OR experiment in capturing the colour of light.)