moon gum tree silhouette

Moving pictures – the Ken Burns Effect

This is the video trailer for my upcoming novel In Your Sights. I used a technique known as the Ken Burns Effect, in which panning and zooming are applied to still images in order to give the impression of movement. Very simple, but very effective. You often see it in TV documentaries, such as when the camera zooms in on one face in a group of people in an old photo.

BTW, be sure you have the sound on. I spent hours trawling through stock music sites to find a piece that I thought might work (and did not cost very much!). Do you think it gives an impression of tension and suspense?

Two of the photos in the video are not mine, they are from a stock photo site. Care to guess which two shots?

If the embedded video does not work, you can view it on YouTube.

Up close and personal

Cee has set a great black and white challenge this time: macros. I love the way a photo changes when I zoom way, way in, and the way it changes when I switch from colour to black and white.

A cliffside garden near Bondi Beach.

A cliffside garden near Bondi Beach.

The image above was inspired by the shallow focus photos of Elina over at Capturing Little Moments. One of the great things about blogging, I’ve found, is that it has exposed me to new ways of taking photographs. It’s also made me realise that I need a better camera! (To see the non-macro, colour version of this image, click here. The plant I zoomed on is outlined in yellow.)

Chocolate! Sparkling wine! Together at last!

Chocolate! Sparkling wine! Together at last!

A meal and a drink, all in one! You get a better idea of how much fun this is in this video (colour).
Yes, I know, I’m easily amused. 🙂