Pointy masts

The masts and yards of “Lord Nelson” (seen here at anchor in the Bay of Islands, New Zealand) look spiky and pointy with no sails set.

March’s square theme is Spiky Squares (spiky, jagged, pointy, bristly, serrated, prickly, spiny, and/or barbed)


Random Fridays: Two cats in Fiji

What caught my eye about these two cats was how well cared for they looked, which is not exactly common in Fiji where cats are generally scrawny and rough looking. Then I spotted how alert the one cat is, in contrast to the black one that is fast asleep!



The coveted Bondi Beach view — if you don’t have it, fake it!

The “view” from my bathroom. The sun always shines, and it’s always summer on Bondi Beach.

I live in an apartment building on Campbell Parade, the street that curves along Sydney’s famous Bondi Beach. Any dwelling along the road that has a beach view is prime property indeed! I, however, live at the back of my building — much quieter, and with sweeping “district views”. One wall in my bathroom does face the beach, though it does not have a window (just as well, really, because on the other side of that wall is the foyer/lobby area for my floor!).

So I gave myself a view. I took a photo of the beach, slipped it behind a graphic of a window frame (complete with pot plant on the window ledge) and had it printed as a large poster. Then I put it on the wall, and for the finishing touch added real curtains.

Hey presto! I too now have the coveted Bondi Beach view.

(btw, the peach-painted wall is the landlord’s idea, not mine!)

The view from the window


The view from the window: Tenacious in Fiji

Tenacious through the window of a church in Daliconi, Fiji

Tenacious through the window of a church in Daliconi, Fiji

This is the second post in an occasional series called “The view from the window” — and, coincidentally, it features the same ship as in the first post! Daliconi is a small village in the Exploring Isles in Fiji, and was badly hit by Hurricane Winston in February this year.


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